You need a furniture for your living or working space?
You have no idea what to do or how to use your space?
Here are the steps of what we do:


For the fact that each project is specific and unique, there is no simple program solution to cover all solutions that we have to offer. Therefore, most of our initial project ideas are hand drafted. We believe this provides you with personalized feeling and brings out a signature to your space.

We can help you in your project: information, advice, quotes, monitoring orders… Whether you are an architect, interior designer, electrician, design office or private individual, we provide our distributors always with ready to use know how or projects.


Most people can’t properly visualize the outcome of the project solutions. Therefore, our team will do a 3D visualization of your space and import our product solutions quickly and efficiently.

We furnish:

Hotels 0 %

Private apartaments & Offices 0 %

Hospitals 0 %

yacht 0 %

Solution finding

33 years of experience in furniture manufacturing, combined with the support of modern computer programs and creative individuals of our team, Your idea and concept will soon become your reality.

We will provide you with a series of practical tips and solutions, in order to utilize your space on optimal level.

Manufacture perfection

15 years ago we have implemented high tech CNC production line that will provide you with best quality of custom made furniture in optimal timeline.

Manufacturing with wood materials requires time, attention and care. We take special care of this and make every effort to ensure that each style deserves its signature.

We deliver quality.

Delivery and fitting

We deliver and install all of our products, unless agreed differently.

Delivery within 20 km from Split is FREE and included in the price.

Delivery to Germany has been logistically well set up, as well as to other European countries.