Apartmani Rokova

Uniquerental rooms  inside old Split city walls have been renovated  with high quality furniture and one of a kind interior design.


These rentals have been equipped with custom made furniture, created specifically for this living space. In order to keep the flow of the space, all furniture items have been painted in same RAL as doors and all wall coverings.

Note: If you wish to prevent damage to your walls and maintain the elegant look of your interiors, introduce wall coverings to your space.

It will provide you protection and give it an extra luxury effect.


Wall Coverings:  Painted profiled MDF
Rooms:                   Painted profiled MDF
Doors:                     Profiled MDF 32 dB Certified


Private investor


Project type

Residential project Touristic rental

services provided

Manufacture of room and bathroom furniture as well as all doors in this living space.
Simundza_maric_MDF_paneling headboard-ormar-hotel-room-obloge-medijapan
Simundza_maric_MDF_paneling headboard-ormar-hotel-room-obloge
Simundza_maric_MDF_paneling headboard-ormar-4
Simundza_maric_MDF_paneling headboard-ormar-hotel-room
Simundza_maric_MDF_paneling headboard-ormar-obloge
Simundza_maric_MDF_paneling headboard-ormar-wallpaneling
Simundza_maric_MDF_paneling headboard-ormar-minibar
Simundza_maric_MDF_paneling headboard-ormar-3
Simundza_maric_MDF_paneling headboard-ormar-2
Simundza_maric_MDF_paneling headboard-ormar-stepenice-obloge
Simundza_maric_MDF_paneling headboard-ormar-hotel-room