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Hotel Piazza Split

Ten luxuriously equipped rooms in a palace dating 1906, built in the Viennese Art Nouveau style. Each room required custom made furniture and extra care in order to provide its quests with a 5 star experience.

Note: If you wish to prevent damage to your walls and maintain the elegant look of your interiors, introduce wall coverings to your space.

It will provide you protection and give it an extra luxury effect.


Wall Coverings:  Painted profiled MDF
Rooms:                   Painted profiled MDF Cabinets
Floors:                    Oiled oak wood floors
Doors:                     Profiled MDF 32 dB Certified
Reception:            Painted profiled MDF


Hotel Piazza Luxury Suites



Project type


Services provided

Manufacture of custom made room doors with high sound insulation. Manufacture and installation of wall coverings, Hotel reception and wood floors.