The veneers have developed over the years bringing luxurious accents to your living space

Wood veneers in use

Wood is a much-loved building material. It has been used for many years in the construction of houses and other buildings. In the Norwegian city of Kirkjubøargarður, for example, there is a wooden house from the 12th century that is still inhabited, proving just how durable wood can be.

Alongside this strength, wood has other very interesting properties.

  • It is easy to use.
  • Teak, oak, beech, mahogany… every type of wood has its own appearance and strengths.
  • Wood is durable. Take, for example, wood that bears the FSC logo, which guarantees that it has been sourced in responsibly managed forests and/or contributes towards the responsible management of woodland.

These strengths in combination with the warm appearance of wood make it the perfect material for decorating an interior. Wood can be used in a variety of ways in an interior.

Nevertheless, trough past century we have been using pure wood in a massive amount which has made large negative effects on our Planet Earth. Therefor engineers have found solution to keep the wood in our living space but with less usage of wood. This is not a new way of decorating interior, even ancient Egyptians have been using wood veneers in their living space.

Wood veneer developed a bad reputation in the mid-twentieth century, when a lot of mass produced veneering was of lower quality and applied to furniture that was not built to last. Modern veneering by talented craftspeople, using quality materials, is of a completely different order. For their strength, their small ecological footprint and their simple beauty, veneered pieces are among the most desirable furnishings available.

The veneer is applied to a base of plywood, MDF or any kind of composite wood, selected either for affordability or for desirable characteristics like superio

r durability; it is then attached with hot hide glue and pressed into place with a veneer hammer.

When it comes to choosing the type of furniture for your home, wood veneers have many advantages, but there are also some considerations to think about before making a purchase of furniture with wood veneers.

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